Carter, Ashton

Speech at Oxford University
Sep 07, 2016

Clinton, Bill

Speech to the Human Rights Campaign national dinner
Oct 25, 2014

DeGeners, Ellen

The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Mar 13, 2014

Obama, Barack

During a press conference at the White House
Apr 02, 2015

Rev. James B Simpson

The Rev. James B. Simpson’s passion was collecting the words of others. He left his career as a journalist to become an Episcopal priest, but he retained a strong appreciation for journalism. 

He published several volumes of quotation books under the name of Simpson’s Contemporary Quotations. His work continues to be a trusted and recognized favorite among journalists, scholars, academics, and quote enthusiasts.


“Our era boasts eloquent spokesmen from every level of society, and … their words should not be buried in the formidable and sometimes inaccessible files of newspapers and magazines.”
– Rev. James B. Simpson

About the Fellowship

The Simpson Fellowship was established by the Rev. James B. Simpson, and continues his legacy by collecting and promoting quotations relevant and vital to modern society. 


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